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Safety Harness Training Course

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This Safety Harness training Course will give candidates with the knowledge to inspect, fit and use harnesses and lanyards safely and correctly whilst working at height.

Course Duration
Typically 1/2 Day

Course Overview
This Harness Training course covers the following areas

  • Health & Safety Laws and Regulations.
  • Responsibilities of employees and employers under these laws and regulations.
  • Different types of harnesses and lanyards
  • Safe inspection of equipment.
  • How to put on and wear harnesses.
  • Working safely with harnesses and lanyards.
  • Storage of harnesses and lanyards.
  • Question & Answers

The safety harness training course aims to provide delegates with basic theoretical and practical knowledge required to effectively use fall arrest and restraint equipment and to carry out pre-use harness and lanyard inspections as required by current regulations.

Examination Details

Candidate Pre-requisites

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